General Info about Air Riflery

The sport of Air Rifle requires lots of body control to stabilize the gun while firing.The NGHS Team uses the LG 300XT Walter as seen below.

Below is an example of an Air Rifle target. Each circle represents 10 points which added together create a total score out of 100. The only exception to these are the two middle circles which are sighters. These are used to adjust the scope and sight of the gun so a shooter can be as accurate as possible on the record shots. 
The Air Rifle team shoots from a regulated distance of 10 meters (33 feet) at all times from the target. The following comparision with a penny to the target will help you get a better understanding of the size.

Each individual shoots in the three main positions: Prone, Standing, and Kneeling (in that order). Prone is a lying position on the floor which makes it the easiest. The standing position is just as the name implies and is one of the hardest to shoot. Kneeling is a position that you stabalize yourself on the back leg and shoot on the other.