Lauren Herrington
Head Coach
Coaching Duties
Additional Information
Lauren will be joining us this year as an assistant coach. Lauren is a North Gwinnett alumna and a NG Rifle alumna (2003-2007). She was captain for three years and held the high GHSA Area kneeling score for  2005-06 & 2006-07 with a perfect score of 100. Lauren helped organize, and assisted in coaching the Georgia Southern University Women’s Rifle team in 2013. She also volunteers with the local BB team and Pistol team. Lauren is looking forward to working with young shooters perusing their dreams!
"Failure and things of this sort - you can take it one of two ways. You can either let that hurt you and really affect the way that you live your life in the future, or you can use that as an opportunity for growth." - Matt Emmons