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2017/2018 TRYOUTS!

The NGHS Air Rifle Team will be holding practices for new shooters starting the week of 21 August.Contact nghsairrifle@gmail.com if you would like to give it a “shot”. Tryouts will begin after Labor Day. If you signed up during “This is North” you do not have to sign up again.

Summer is ALMOST OVER!

Hey rifle kids and parents! Get ready for tryouts! We had a ton of interest at the rifle table today at "This Is North", an event for rising freshmen students to come see all the things they can expect at NGHS. While that was going on, we had some parent volunteers in the traliers upgrading our practice ranges to get them ready for the tryouts. This year, the new range will catch all the spent pellets so we can recycle the lead and it will be a whole lot less cleanup for the team and coaches. Looking forward to seeing all the new faces at tryouts this year! We are going to have a blast getting to know you all. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @NGHSAirRifle and check out the Google calendar for the team, it stays updated with practice and tryout dates.

Season is over, BUT keep on practicing!

Folks, the banquet has come and gone. We will miss our 2017 seniors next year. Sidney, Donnie, and Allen all gave great speaches Friday evening. The centerpieces were phenomenal (Charleston's mom, Melissa made them). The photobooth was lots of fun for everyone. Awards, letters, and bars were handed out by Coach Phil and Coach Steve. The food was plentiful and awesome! Anna, our team manager, did a great job of putting it all together. It has been a great year y'all and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. We have some work to do over the spring and summer. Anniston monthly matches will keep going on. If you are interested in attending, make sure Coach Steve is aware. Keep up your skills if you are coming back next year.

NGHS ties with Duluth in Area Sectional, but the tiebreaker goes to Duluth.

Wow, this was a nailbiter of a match. Tied at 1080, Duluth beat us by shooting more bullseyes during the match. Check the match stats for the finals. Great match everyone!

NGHS wins against North Forsyth!

This has been a remarkable season. Last night NGHS took down North Forsyth by a narrow 4 point margin! Tied in Standing and Kneeling positions, it all came down to Prone shots to make the win. Check the scoresheet on the stats page, it was a total nail biter of a match. Congrats to all of our athletes! Onward to sectionals!

NGHS Wins against Dawson County!

1090 to 1042! Way to go AGAIN team! Another hard fought win by NGHS. Top shooter on the NGHS team was Sidney Martin with a great 284. She had a score of 99 in kneeling that had us all cheering at the time watching live results come in at UNG. Great Job on the part of all shooters!

NGHS Winning Streak Broken by Lumpkin County

NGHS got out there and shot well, but it was no match for one of the top ranked teams in our area. The final score was 1136 to 1058. Lumpkin county served up some humble pie and then ate dinner with us after the match. Still, our top shooter that night was Sidney Martin with a 284. Keep your heads up NHGS, it has been a great season so far this year! See you next week at North Forsyth!

2/9 Match vs Dawson County Rescheduled to 2/14

Hey folks, letting you know that the match against Dawson was officially rescheduled for 2/14. This is a Tuesday, not our normal match day. So we have two matches this week. Standard procedure, meet at the trailers at 2:30pm. 

NGHS wins against Creekview!

Our match with Creekview went great last night. Final score was 1081 to 1070! Top NGHS shooters were Sidney Martin and Shea Hall with 276 points. (I put Sidney up there first because she may have gotten an extra point that was not counted, so here's your props for that one Sidney!) Caitlyn Miller shot her first match last night and laid down a solid 271 that was critical for the win. Allen Trader scored 258 and Ethan Woyce scored 256. All were critical for the win last night! See everyone next week at the away match with Dawson County. Go team!

North Wins Against White County!

Last night, our match was live tweeted so stay on the lookout for that in future matches. NGHS took the win 1060 to 923. Training and perserverence pay its rewards. The whole team worked well together last night in the setup and teardown of the ranges in the multipurpose room. Thanks to all who attended and helped out and thanks to our competitors from White County. Individual scores are avaiulable on the scoresheet in the match statistics section of the website. See you next week at our next home match against Creekview.

NGHS Air Rifle takes the W against Riverside!

The away match turned home match turns out to our advantage! The score was 1099 to 1089 in favor of North Gwinnett. The Riverside boys brought the lead and the competition, but ultimately we adapted and overcame our opponent. In this match, we had three shooters score 280/300 and above. These shooters were Shea Hall (284), Abbi Johnson (280), Sidney Martin (280)! Congrats to the whole team that spent time setting up and tearing down the ranges and to the shooters that got the job done!


Check the CALENDAR! Mandatory Scrimmage Match

We are going to ‘scrimmage’ against Buford High School on Monday, 9 Jan 2017.  Since the match will be held at Buford Middle School, we cannot arrive until 4:30.  So we will meet at the trailers at 3:30, pack up and head to Buford.  We will come back to the trailers about 6:30 pm.  I’m not sure if we will only have 5 people compete (like a regulation match) or if we can have more get ‘competitive time’ – but we do ask that all team members make the trip.  We will need a little help with transportation.

PARENT MEETING - Monday 12/12 @ 6 PM

We will have  a parent’s meeting on Monday, 12 Dec to give you an update on the team, the budget, future plans and also a look ahead at our season.  For the new parents, please keep in mind that we are limited to only 5 competitors in a match – and we have 16 team members, so a number of our shooters will not participate in a match this season (but we need their help (and your help) with setup/breakdown and learning about match conditions for next year).

2016 Fundraiser - Check Writing Campaign

This year we are trying a new approach to fundraising. Instead of selling products we've organized a fun check writing campaign. This is our ONLY fundraiser. Keep in mind every team member is required to raise at least $100 between now and November 28th.

Please read the entire attachment so you don't miss an opportunity to shoot a precision air rifle.

Attachment: Fund Raising Campaign


Team Hoodies! Just in time for the cold weather!

We're offering team hoodies again this year for $45. This is NOT required.The hoodie is identical to last year's hoodie, it matches the team shirt and comes embroidered with NG logo and Air Rifle. If you're interested, contact Aysha with your name & size and send in payment by October 28th. Expected delivery is around Thanksgiving break.




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